Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tech Tuesday: One More Free Genealogy Site Review...

  I'm back to continuing the reviews of the free Connecticut genealogy sites. They're kind of fun, and I have to admit, I'm finding some new resources.
  1) The Olive Tree Genealogy Site: While I have gotten some great resources from this site, I wasn't entirely thrilled with the Connecticut offerings.  It lists "ship passenger lists," "naturalization records," "coffin plates," and "Connecticut ancestor photo albums." The "ship passenger lists" leads to somewhat generic information - essentially that you should be looking in New York and Boston. "Naturalization records" are essentially a dead-end. You are led to a page with example images of the records and told to click on county names to view the records. None of the county links are live. (By the way, Connecticut naturalization records are not available online.) I was a little too uncomfortable to check out the coffin plates, but the Connecticut ancestor photo albums look promising. If you have Civil War ancestors, the section appears to be mostly about CDVs.
   Lesson learned - don't expect everything to be at your fingertips for free. But sometimes you might find some good resources.

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