Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: How accurate is the Barbour Collection?

     A recent genealogy group question set me to wondering... How accurate is the Barbour Collection, really? There's no secret it's incomplete - seriously incomplete. But, thus far, what I've found has corresponded perfectly with the actual records. (Disclosure: I try to double check.) What has your experience been?
   Why am I wondering? Because I'm in the process of completing a genealogy project that requires copies of my records. Either I submit the certified copies - at $20 a record; head to the State Library; or use the Barbour. Hmm...


  1. Are the town records upon which the Barbour collection are based available at town offices or on microfilm at CSL or an FHC? You could submit digital images from those records.

  2. According to the State Vital Records Office, town clerks can only issue certified copies, so that's not an option. Ultimately, I'll probably end up going to the State Library... but I'm definitely curious!

  3. I have used the FHL microfilm of Stamford town records for entries from the Barbour Collection. Some of these early town records were themselves transcriptions of the original town records, but still far more cost efficient than $20 each--and at least a bit closer to the originals than the index.

  4. I bought the Barbour Index in print form for the town of Stonington because it was where the bulk of my Connecticut ancestors lived. I am finding that it is quite accurate.

    I asked Groton to send me a record hoping they would photocopy a page from the town book but all I got was a bare bones certified record. Just having the birth date in 1790 seemed enough for them to certify. I wonder what they were thinking? (Ca-ching?) At least they were nice and told me there was a marriage record for her and did I want that?

    The death dates from Barbour may have been partially taken from gravestones but I can't prove it. At least they do concur.

    Midge Frazel