Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Local Farms in Salem

   As you've probably noticed before, I love celebrating the history of the family farm. Salem has a long history of farming, and a few are still owned by original families. Check out these local farms with great history.
  Salem Herbfarm: Originally owned by the present owner's grandparents, Salem Herbfarm today functions as a nursery. The Herbfarm considers its past part of the charm. It's closed for the season, but check out their website.
   Salem Valley Farms: I wasn't able to find out much about its history, but I know the shop has been around for awhile. It has lost its herd of cows in the last few years but still makes its own ice cream. Check out their website for flavors! It's not every ice cream shop that gets reviewed by the New York Times.
   Treasure Hill Farm: Today, the farm is a boarding facility, but the site dates back to the 18th century. Read about its history on the website.

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