Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Workday Wednesday: Zagray Farm Museum

  Connecticut's farming history has slowly given way to suburbs as family farming has been replaced by commercial enterprises, and development prices outpaced farm land prices. Whatever your feelings on the issue, you have to love seeing a site where the farming life is still active. The Zagray Farm Museum in Colchester and Hebron appears to be just that.
   I stumbled across the website for the farm while researching Colchester, a place I admittedly haven't visited often. Founded in 2001, the farm is run by the Quinebaug Valley Engineers Association. The Association is committed to collecting , restoring and promoting antique farm equipment. While it is unclear whether or not the Museum is available for regular visits, there is a fall show scheduled for October 6 and 7th. If anyone has visited the farm, I'd be curious to hear more about it.

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