Sunday, October 7, 2012

Black Sheep Sunday: Tory's Den, Burlington

   I first visited Tory's Den while on a local trip. At the time, the name seemed a little weird - and admittedly I didn't take it seriously. Would tories (British supporters during the American Revolution) actually have hid out in a cave? The short answer is yes.
  Of course, the story is a little more complicated. You can read the full  back story on Connecticut Museum Quest but according to the article, there is a short version. Farmers in the surrounding reason ran afoul of the local patriots for various reasons, usually for crimes such as refusing to pay a fundraising tax. An angry patriot could mean problems. They hid rather than risking personal harm. Read the full story, and you may discover the true story of why your ancestors were called "tories."
   If nothing else, you may understand why Tory's Den is considered a place to visit by the Courant's reporters...

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