Monday, October 22, 2012

Military Monday: War of 1812 Records

  How many of us know anything about the War of 1812?  The website provides a nice overview as a part of the website accompanying the "War of 1812" film.  I've heard a few versions of the history, including the "Second War of American Independence" and the "forgotten war." Long story short, it was another war with Great Britain, and Connecticut was right in the center.
   What does this mean for your genealogy? Records of the war are helpful in several ways. First and foremost, the history is fascinating. Many Connecticut towns were attacked or burned during the war. Second, even if you don't case about the conflict itself, his pension can provide a stepping stone. His records - including pension files - can take you a generation further back.
  Only a few records can be accessed online. Check out the beginning of a collection on Fold3.  Others can be ordered from the National Archives. Happy research!

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