Saturday, October 6, 2012

Society Saturday Colchester Historical Society

  Back to Colchester, CT... (Yes, I'm still using my Google maps.) As I mentioned in a previous post, Colchester was founded in 1698. The Colchester Historical Society lays out a detailed history of the town. As the site indicates, the town began as an agricultural community and remained so through the late 19th century. Like many other "rural" towns, Colchester became a resort community and then a bedroom community. In short, it mirrored life in many other Connecticut towns.
  But every town has things that make it unique, and the Colchester Historical Society is trying hard to protect those features. The Society maintains several museum problems, hosts an annual festival, and has started to sort through an extensive research collection. Check out their Facebook page for more information. Right now, the genealogy options are somewhat limited to visiting the museums, but it shows lots of potential!

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