Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Talented Tuesday: James Wadsworth of Durham

    Do you have a "James Wadsworth" in your family tree? If so, chances are high that your family is from the Durham area. There are two well known figures in the Wadsworth family line: James Wadsworth, Sr. was a founder of Durham, while his namesake was a major figure in the American Revolution.
   James Wadsworth lent his name to the area's Daughters of the American Revolution chapter and information on his life can be found on their website. According to the site, Wadsworth served first in Conteninental Congree, then distinguished himself as a soldier, and finally as a judge.  He served honorably in each of these roles.
   For me, the most interesting part of Wadsworth's life comes in his interaction with a man named Jack Arabus. An enslaved man, Arabus was cited in a newspaper article as having served during six years of the American Revolution. The author explains that he was promsied freedom in exchange for his service. It didn't happen. Wadsworth role in the story is described here.

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  1. What a great story. Was this your ancestor?