Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Starting Research in a New Connecticut town...

   You've probably wondered how I find resources in a new town, when I don't live, work or study in most of Connecticut (I'm Middlesex/New London County focused). Here are a couple of my favorite methods:

  1. Start with Google. Search for the term genealogy + "(insert town name)." You're almost guaranteed to find a few new sites. 
  2. Contact the town's historical society and local library. Most have local collections. Even if they don't, they generally can tell you who to call. 
  3. Connecticut has a few formulaic contacts:
    1. Vital records: town clerk or, in a city, health department.
    2. Land records: town clerk. 
    3. Colonial church records: search for the "First Congregational Church" + town name.
Still stuck? Consider contacting the town historian!


  1. Many CT towns have vital and land records indexed online here;


    The towns currently using this service are;

    Ashford, Avon, Bethel, Branford, Canton, Chaplin, Chester, Colchester, Deep River, Durham, East Granby,East Hampton, Eastford, Ellington, Essex, Farmington, Griswold, Kent, Killingworth, Middletown, Milford, Montville, Newington, Newtown, Old Saybrook, Orange, Oxford, Plainville, Redding, Simsbury, Somers, South Windsor, Southington, Stonington, Stratford, Westbrook, Westport, Winchester, Windsor Locks, Wolcott and Woodbury

    Some of the towns have much more available in the index than what is advertised on the table on the front page. Westport, for instance, has extensive death and marriage records. It is just an index, but at least it lets you know the record exists.

  2. Thanks for the information. I just would recommend that you "look before you leap." In Middletown, the records are held by the health department, not the clerk.