Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday: Noah Webster

   Connecticut doesn't have a wordsmith like Benjamin Franklin, but we do have a historic figure with an equally great influence on language. Heard of Webster's Dictionary? Noah Webster, the first author, was native of Connecticut. Born in West Hartford, he spent most of his life in New Haven. The Noah Webster birthplace in West Hartford provides a full sketch of his life.
   If you think you may be descended from Webster, you have several options for learning about his life. The West Hartford site has a collection of his items, stored in his birthplace. The New Haven Museum holds a small collection of his papers, including notes for the first two letters of his dictionary. Others are held by Amherst College. He is buried in the Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven. There, he is featured among the prominent burials, and maps make it possible to locate his gravesite.

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