Friday, November 16, 2012

Follow Friday: CT

  I think I may have profiled CT  months ago, but with Veteran's Day fresh on our minds, I thought it might be worth a second look. The site - which is readable as both a blog and a website - consists of profiles of Connecticut monuments. The front page reads like a typical blog. A September post covers Connecticut monuments at Antietam battlefield. The first part of the post serves as an overview, listing all the monuments related to Connecticut. For example, you can read a basic description of the monument for the 8th Connecticut. Click on the monument's subheading, and you'll be treated to a more detailed description. It won't give you a history of the monument, but you can see discover the monument through the tourist's eyes. Want to use the site as a website? There are tabs right under the page title that will allow you to look at all monuments of a certain war. Click on World War II, and you'll be able to read about Connecticut monuments as well as monuments made by Connecticut manufacturing companies. Think your ancestor might be recorded on a war memorial? Here's your chance to virtually visit.

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  1. Sounds like a great resource. Once again, thanks for sharing!