Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fun with Search Terms Leads to New Resources

  I started out this post intending to another fun with search terms... but this time, I learned something.
Here were the search term: "Connecticut quarterly genealogy." I know why my blog turned up - one of the historical society's I write about calls their newsletter the quarterly. Combine it with my blog title, and you can guess the rest. What I didn't know was what the Connecticut Quarterly was.
  Turns out, the Connecticut Quarterly was a magazine published in the late 1890s. Its official title makes reference to art, literature, and history. While many of the features are pure fiction, others are historical, discussing local beaches, family history and more. One edition is available on Google Books. If you want to learn more about late 19th century Connecticut, this appears to be a good resource.
  And blog reader - thanks for getting lost.

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