Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fun with Search Terms...

  I'm borrowing a post theme from Amy Coffin of We Tree. In her "Fun with Search Terms!" posts, she comments on the (anonymous) searches people make that turn up her blog. Sometimes she offers more information, in case they come back. You can see an example here.
   My turn! The following are a few of the recent search terms that found my blog. And yes, in most cases I can help.
  1) Connecticut genealogy blog
     Entering this will probably bring up a Connecticut State Library blog, but there are a lot of genealogy blogs out there. Check out my (partial) list here.
  2) Harkness Memorial State Park
      Disclosure: this is one of my favorite places in Connecticut, so I write about it a lot. But what you probably wanted is the state park's website. Here's the address:
  3) Genealogy for Gillette Castle
      Okay, my posts on Gillette Castle were more history than genealogy. But there's a nice biography on the park's website.

Happy reading!

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