Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veterans Day!

  Happy Veterans Day (or in the old term, Armistice Day!). Today is our day to remember the service of the nation's veterans. Do we know who in the family fought? What efforts have we made to understand their service?
   If the answer is no and nothing, today is a good day to start. There are some great resources online to teach you how to research your family's military ancestors. offers an online class on using their military databases. The lecture is designed for their American databases. I prefer a little more systematic course - studying war by war - but if you just need a starting point, this may be it. FamilySearch offers even more options. There are 30 online courses that mention military records. Many are basic "how-to" courses or do not cover American records, but take a look. You're liable to find something help.
   And as always, I'm willing to try to answer any questions.

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