Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Talented Tuesday: Beatrix Ferrand

   Talented landscape Beatrix Ferrand (read her full biography here) was not a Connecticut native, although she had a significant impact on the state. According the Beatrix Ferrand Society, she was born in New York. The biography explains that she went on to build a career in landscape design during a period when women were not often welcome in the field. Ferrand traveled across the country, but she designed a number of gardens within the state.
   Many of the better known gardens throughout the state were designed by Ferrand.  Yale University's gardens were created by Ferrand during the 1920s and 1930s. According to the University's website, she was hired by Yale in 1923- their first paid landscaper - and worked on the grounds for sixteen years. Those grounds have undergone changes over the years, but efforts have been made to reconstruct the campus. The most recent were traced in a 2012 Yale Daily News article. She also worked on gardens in the Hill-Stead Museum and Harkness Memorial State Park. Her Harkness Garden is my favorite.

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