Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tech Tuesday: Suggestions for Historical Society/Genealogy Group Facebook Pages

  As part of my persistent attempts to organize my files, I went through my Facebook news feed and likes list. I ended up removing many of the pages. And there were many I never added. Why?
  1. There isn't  a page. Some groups are not comfortable establishing a webpage, blog or Facebook page. They stick to a mailbox and a phone number. Believe it or not, people tend to be more patient about the turnover time it takes to answer emails than the time it takes to return a phone call. Provide a page that, at the very least, lists an email address. 
  2. The page hasn't been updated.   I will gladly hunt down a page, but if it hasn't been touched in three years, I'm going to assume the page (and the group) aren't active. Make sure to update your page at least once a month. We'll want to know you're still there. 
  3. The page only includes things interesting to the members of the group. If your page is going to be all about people already in the group, you may want to consider making it private. Why? Because your Facebook page acts like an entrance to your business. Covering the page with information of interest only to members is like pasting a "members only" sign on the front door. 
  4. You've not made it clear what the benefits of joining your group would be. Make it clear why I want to join your Facebook page. Are there interesting conversations? Clear indications of what your group does? An interesting enough Facebook page may lead me into paying to join your group. 
  5. You don't reach out. Help me find what I want to know by linking to other pages. It's a nice "touch" to your page.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! Nice article. Having had ancestors from the Woodstock area I was usually very disappointed in the past to find that the info was relegated to a society. Thankfully the info (clues)is now online as it's a bit of a trek from Texas to CT.