Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fun with Search Terms...

 Thanks again to Amy Coffin for the idea. I'm reprising a "Fun With Search Terms," because guess what? I have fun writing them. And I always learn a ton. So here are this week's search terms...

1)Connecticut Town Historians
    These are useful people to know. While the position is not common in cities, most towns have a town historian. This person is the local  repository of knowledge on the town's past. Technically, the job only covers the town's history, but most town historians also know a lot about local genealogy. Best place to find their names? The website of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists.

2) Luther Burke, Durham
    Someone adopted an oft-recommended search technique with this one... Google. I wrote about Luther Burke in a "Tombstone Tuesday"  entry. Does anyone know more about him? 

3) Civil War Tombstones Deep River
     Oops... I don't think I've actually done an entry on Deep River (originally part of Saybrook). Here's your best resource - the Deep River Historical Society.

4) Favorite mystery novels 2012
   Okay, that's what I get for talking about my love of genealogy related mysteries. Does anyone have any new ones to share?

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