Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kids and Genealogy Online Resources: Tech Tuesday

   I've been doing a lot of adult genealogy teaching, but I've started to wonder what resources might be available for teaching children. Turns out there are a ton!
 1)  About Genealogy offers a list of sites with beginner lessons for child genealogists. Many of these sites have a parent or grandparent in mind.

2) Family Tree Kids! is the child oriented website of Family Tree Magazine. It teaches the child to act as a genealogist through a series of activities. (The teacher site is somewhat outdated, but the child's version is still functional...)

3) Blogger Jennifer shares worksheets she uses to teach her children about different aspects of her family history on Climbing My Family Tree.

4) The Allen County Public Library offers a list of genealogy books for children.

and I'm just getting started. Can anyone recommend a great genealogy picture book? What are your favorite sites?

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