Monday, December 10, 2012

Military Monday: Wreaths Across America (TM) and How do you honor the military service of a veteran ancestor?

  (Disclaimer: I am part of a group actively involved in organizing a Wreaths Across America TM ceremony.)

So, Wreaths Across America TM is coming up next Saturday and that got me to thinking...
     First of all, what's that? I'm going to take the following from a press release written by a local organizer, Ellen Halstedt (with permission), since she explains better than I can: 
Twenty years ago the Worcester Wreath Company in northern Maine donated hundreds of wreaths which were placed on the graves of Veterans at Arlington National Cemetery.  This simple wreath-laying event has grown over the years and has become a tradition as a living memorial to veterans and their families – a symbolic way to show appreciation for our freedoms. 

    The idea is pretty simple. Local groups hold a short ceremony and then  honor deceased veterans by placing donated wreaths on their graves.While a donated wreath cannot be placed on a specific grave, a family can bring wreath to the ceremony. You can find a local ceremony at 
Since the holiday season is the time when we tend to remember our pasts - and our ancestors - it can be a great way to pause and honor their service. (And yes, I know I sound like a PR coordinator - I've been participating in publicizing the event - but I also believe it!)

So what was I thinking? How do you commemorate the service of a veteran ancestor? Is it through service in a lineage organization? It is through flag placing on Memorial Day?

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