Monday, December 31, 2012

Motivation Monday: Genealogical Tourism - Middlefield/Middletown

     Well, I finally decided to stop procrastinating. What am I talking about? Connecticut has an incredible history - and it's often ignored. Large cities are famous for destroying historic homes out of desperation to build their tax base. Sadly, too often, they end up with no historic home and an empty modern building. I've seen too many of these cases. They're heart-breaking.
   What I would love to see is an effort made to build up tourism as a way to save historic homes. Genealogical tourism would be perfect. There are many of us who have Connecticut roots. Most never visit. Sometimes it's because they can't afford the trip - something I can completely understand - but often, it's because they can't see a reason to come. You can get everything through the Connecticut State Library, the Family History Library, or online, right? The reality: that's not really true. 17th century Middlesex county court records, for example, are held by the local historical society in Middletown. Just think, you could research, vacation, and help preserve the past.
   Yes, I know it's idealistic, but I'm making my small contribution to cause. I've created a new tourism tab on the top of the page. It will lead you to places to stay and eat in the area. I'm only using places I know, so I may miss some finds, but it's a start. My goal over time will be to improve and build on this. Maybe it's a model we can all use.

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