Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sorting Saturday: Write as You Go

   If you've been following the genealogy listservs recently, you've probably already heard about this topic. Write as you go is the idea that - surprise, surprise - you compile a family narrative as you go, instead of just listing the information in your genealogy database.
   My first response was that this was a great idea in theory. Who doesn't love it? You immediately know what information you're missing or, if you're lucky, you end up with a completed document that you can share. Of course, that's presuming that you actually have the time to research and then write.
   It wasn't until today that I realized the true wisdom of this advice. I've been trying to put together a family narrative for some cousins. Thus far I've been through all of my file on the family - and realized that I never printed census documents and am missing a few other things. I'll have to order some things. Oops. Lesson learned.
   From now, I may try to take this good advice.

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  1. I find that assembling a family time line shows me where I have holes to fill before I write.