Thursday, December 6, 2012

Those Places Thursday: West Hartford Photo Identification

   As it turns out, Ellington is not the only site with a weekly photo identification contest. If you love playing with old photos of your "home towns," you may enjoy West Hartford's "A Moment in Time" column. Using collections from the Noah Webster house, the site's editor posts a weekly photo and challenge question. See if you can answer by clicking on the above link. It's a fun way to test your local history knowledge.


  1. I hope to start a blog next year that tells about my genealogy research that start in Westport, Stamford, and Dan Town, Connecticut. I have visited Connecticut the last three Summers and plan on a trip next Summer. The trip will take me also to New York and Pennsylvania and maybe elsewhere. Love Connecticut. Oh, you quiz question for the day. Do you know where Dan Town is. :-)

  2. For everyone else, here's info on Dan Town :