Friday, January 18, 2013

Follow Friday: Kinnexions and Church and Sprague families

   Follow Fridays are my favorite of the Geneabloggers suggested blogging prompts. Why? Because I've reformulated the idea a little. Instead of writing about any blog I find interesting (although I still do that occasionally), I try to uncover new Connecticut-related history and genealogy blogs.
   Admittedly, the process has gotten harder the longer I've done this. I always start by searching Google. To avoid making myself crazy, I limit the search to blogs that have updated in the last month. I've pretty much exhausted "Connecticut" + "History" + "Blog" and am currently working my way through "Connecticut" + "genealogy" + "blog." Sometimes all I find are vague mentions of Connecticut in someone's genealogy blog (often mentions of a new FHL collection). Other times, I find one fantastic blog post on CT buried in someone's posts on another region of the country. Since I realize that you may want to read just the post, I link to those on my Google+ page. And occasionally, I get very lucky and find a blog that has at least a few solid posts on Connecticut history or genealogy.
   Finding this week's feature took a lot of digging. Kinnexions is most definitely a personal genealogy blog. Becky Wiseman, the blogger, is from Indiana, and the vast majority of her posts follow her journey through her parents' families. However, lucky for us, a few of those families lived in Connecticut at some point.
   To find those ancestors, click on the tabs on the top of her home page. "Maternal Ancestors" and "Paternal Ancestors" lead to a list of her family lines. Search for the word Connecticut would bring up all the possibilities. Once you have a Connecticut family, click on the family name to read all the posts she's written. Thus far, I've seen Church, Goodrich, Sprague, Marvin and more...

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