Friday, January 11, 2013

Follow Friday: The Scrappy Genealogist

   A truly eclectic blog, The Scrappy Genealogist makes for a fun - and surprising - read. Based in New Hampshire, blogger Jen writes about all aspects of her genealogical life. Recent posts cover her sister's family history related Christmas presents, purchases on ebay, and photos of her town's veterans monuments. The site clearly reflects Jen's hobbies, which include scrapbooking and surviving genealogical research as a parent. Since I love some of these topics, this was a fun read for me :)
   But what does that mean if you're a) childless b)not a big scrapbooker or c) not from New Hampshire? Yes, the site's still useful. It just requires a little more digging. She does write about Connecticut families - but you may have to hand search posts to find the right information. Check out her surname list to find out if her blog might be helpful to you. She also has a great section on genealogical organization. I only have one request for Jen: please add a search function to your blog!

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  1. Hi Bryna,

    Next time you stop by The Scrappy Genealogist, please let me know. I just found your posting today by doing a Google search for my blog.

    There has always been a search function on my blog. If you are looking for a particular area, you can either use the search funtion, or click on one of the tags. I have not posted about any Connecticut genealogical resources or techniqes, but as you said, I do have Connecticut ancestors and relatives.

    Thank you for the Follow Friday and for your suggestions. And yes, eclectic fits.

    Jennifer aka Scrrappy Gen