Monday, January 14, 2013

Sorting Saturday - um...- Monday and bookmarks

   When was the last time you looked at the list of bookmarks you've saved on your computer? According to my best estimate, my last glance was sometime in early 2010. I had a long list of websites I'd saved. Most I'd looked at once. A few more, maybe twice. So why keep it?
   As it turned out, that proved to be a good question for me. I started sorting through my bookmarks last night. Thus far, I've deleted a fair number. Some pointed to sites that no longer existed. Others were for things I didn't need to keep, such as links to shopping page for a Christmas gift I bought two years ago. Others turned out to be rather useful. Those, I'm sorting into new folders.
   Lesson learned? I hope so. Now I just have to remember to check my bookmarks!

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