Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tech Tuesday: Genealogical Tourism Websites + Blogs

   In the latest batch of new blogs on Geneabloggers, I was happy to discover Yellow Springs Heritage. Written about Yellow Springs, Ohio, the blog serves as a genealogical tourism "primer" for the town, with posts on town history, plans for walking tours, and more. It's written by an individual genealogist named Robin Heise. It's also her business site.
   Why am I so thrilled? Because I see in her site a model that a town could use. (Robin, you may have a niche here!) There are great opportunities in running a blog on the town's history with tabs on places to stay, places to eat, walking tours, and more. Local genealogists could add a page on how to request research. Ideas... Ideas...


  1. Bryna, I found that site also & enjoyed it. I had one main question when I first visited. Where is Yellow Springs? The headline does not give a state. Thanks for answering that for me.

  2. I'd agree with you there... but I was glad to see it. Connecticut needs this kind of site, but it really needs governmental support. Here's hoping!