Monday, February 11, 2013

Mystery Monday: Who was James Goddard, CSA?

  In researching last week's Mystery Monday, I discovered another mystery. There were two Goddard families that served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War - at least according to their gravestones. I've already mentioned Francis. The second family contained two soldiers, both named James. I found them referenced on Find A Grave. According to the gravestone - which post dates the family - suggests that the father James (1820-1894) and the son James Frank (1848-1922) both served in the Confederate Army.
   Is it true? From first glance, maybe. James senior would have been forty-one when the Civil War started. it would make him on the older side for a soldier but not impossibly old. James Frank would have been thirteen. A little more digging may help.
   James and Sophia Hayes are listed together on the gravestone, but they also appear together in the census. In 1860, James and Sophia were farming in Jackson, Butts County, Georgia. By 1870, there were back in Southington. Did he enlist in the meantime? It's unclear.
    There are a few clues. There were three Goddards in the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors database. James would have been ineligible for a pension, living outside the former Confederate South. There may be a hint in the Compiled Military Service Records.
   And James F... Well, try looking for Franklin James.

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