Friday, March 29, 2013

Follow Friday: Manuscripts and Archives Blog, Yale, New Haven

   Few of our Connecticut ancestors have ties to New Haven, let alone Yale - but if yours do, you now have options for learning more about their past.The Manuscripts and Archives blog is a partially developed blog run by Yale's Manuscripts and Archives section. Some sections are "buyer beware." Click on "About," and you'll be treated to WordPress's filler for that page. Those filled in are far more interesting.. The earliest post dates to December 2012 and links to an article on Yale alums who died at Pearl Harbor. More recent posts offer exhibit information, links to newspaper and magazine profiles, and in one case, great history
   My favorite post thus far is definitely the one on William Howard Taft. Taken from a Yale alumni publication, it chronicles the future President's decision not to take the presidency of Yale. Since I knew little about Taft, the view into his thought process was fascinating. The man should probably be know for more than the bathtub story.
 The blog is- and probably will remain - a clearinghouse for material from other Yale publications. However, if you need a place to find Yale history, this is definitely a place to start.

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