Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tech Tuesday: Trying to Find an Article in a Connecticut newspaper?

   (Thanks to reader Mike Sullivan for the suggestions!) Are you struggling to locate an ancestor's marriage record or obituary? You have a lot of options for finding the document, but you'll need to be able to answer a few questions first:

    1) Do you know what newspaper it came from? If you don't check out the directory on Chronicling America... Run by the Library of Congress, the directory lists all the newspapers published in a certain town. Of course, you need to approach it with a bit of caution. Small towns may have gotten their news from a larger local town.

  2) Do you know where to find the newspaper?
        a) Start with the Connecticut State Library "newspaper" page. Their page offers detailed instructions for accessing papers statewide. You can inter-library loan many newspapers. Before you do that, check to make sure it isn't available online.
       b) Google News  has a few scattered newspapers. If you're interested in the New London Day, this is the place.
        c) Have you contacted the local library? Some libraries charge for copies, but many don't. Just be nice - and if you can, offer a donation. It keeps up the genealogy goodwill!

   3) Are you ready to work? By now, hopefully you will have found the paper... If not, it may be time to ILL the microfilm - or hire someone to look up the article at the State Library. Contact your local library for suggestions and help. Good luck!

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