Friday, April 12, 2013

Follow Friday: Waterbury Thoughts (Waterbury, CT)

    I finally had to admit defeat on my original  strategy for finding new "Follow Friday" blogs. Turns out you can exhaust the Google search term "Connecticut + history + blog."  I was checking out blogs I'd already seen, reading occasional news articles, and not finding anything new. So I started over... I'm now searching by town name.
   End result - I found a great new blog about Waterbury. Waterbury Thoughts is written by a local artist and touches on her opinions about all aspects of life in Waterbury. Wondering about restaurants, bird watching, and more? Here's your place. And for the historians among us, click on "History." You'll be treated to histories on local scandals, a female attorney, woman's suffrage, and more. It's primarily intended for city residents - or people who want to live there - but it's a great way to learn about your (resident) ancestors.

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