Saturday, April 20, 2013

Follow Friday: Windham Connecticut Cemeteries

   Like it or not, cemeteries are a big part of genealogy. They're the way we learn when our ancestors died, who they were related to, and in a sense, they're the way we honor our ancestors. That's why I find it helpful when someone synthesizes cemetery history into a useful summary.
    Cheryl LeBeau has done just that. Her Windham Connecticut Cemeteries provides a short history of Connecticut cemeteries, a history of Willimantic, and descriptions of the old Willimantic Cemetery. The site functions as a short textbook for anyone who might be interested in Windham County cemeteries. Unfortunately, it's a bit outdated - it was started as the author's 2011 thesis project and doesn't appear to have been added to - and hasn't reached it's full potential.
   What would I like to see? Could LeBeau's site be expanded to contain all of Windham County?

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