Monday, April 15, 2013

Matrilinear Monday: Do I have the right wife?

   I've been poking my way back through one of my Revolutionary War lines. The ancestor is already an established "patriot" under DAR rules. No big deal, right? I've added all his children, and I can clearly trace the line between his children and me. Of course, I've already found one issue - I'm not sure my ancestor's wife is identified correctly.
   We know her maiden name, where she lived, and approximate age. In theory, I should be able to locate her on the town birth records. And I can, except for one thing. There are two women of the same name, born less than a year apart to different parents. I can't prove one of the two died or moved - they simply disappear from the record - and the age recorded on her tombstone does not perfectly match either woman.
   Unless I can confirm her age somewhere, my female ancestor is likely to become a brick wall. I won't go forward until I feel comfortable with the parents I've identified. And right now, there's no way to confirm her identity using town records. Church records and probate aren't digitized, so that's likely my next stop.
   I have to wonder, though... What else might work?

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