Friday, May 10, 2013

Follow Friday: Avon Historical Society

   I'm sure I've looked at the blog for the Avon Historical Society in the past. It just looks too familiar with anything else to be possible. But honestly, I'm glad I took a second look. There are some nice features for Avon historians.
    First among these is the "History of Avon" section. The section has several sub-parts, including barns, local homes, and history rooms. Photos and descriptions are solid. If you happen to be related to the family mentioned in the section, you will have found a gem.
   Sites to visit allows you a virtual visit to the Avon Historical Society's homes. Schoolhouse #3 - now the living history museum - had a fascinating past as part of the town's rural community and life.  Pine Grove Schoolhouse played the same role, 30 years later.

   And there's even more there... My only complaint - the site needs to be updated. I see 2011 and worry!

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