Friday, May 3, 2013

Follow Friday: The Distracted Wanderer

  I love a good travel blog. Even when you've been there -once or many times - you can always take something from a writer that knows what they're doing. From one writer, it may be a good piece of history. From another, it's a new photo. And if you've never been there, the experience is that much better.
   Linda Orlomoski's The Distracted Wanderer meets my qualifications of a good travel blog. The blog is a bit eclectic, since it covers her trips throughout the U.S. Her "Wander List"  allows you to follow her visits to California, Vermont and more. Want to narrow it to one state? Simply click on the posts underneath that state's name. I found the Connecticut posts detailed, informative, and a fun read. Her voice shines through... And the photos aren't bad either. A nice way to "visit" CT!

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