Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sorting Saturday: How to Archive Family Keepsakes

   It's official - I'm in love. I guess I should explain. For the last few years, I've taught a course on managing your family papers. While there's a lot material out there, much of it is complex. Want to find out how to protect your family photos? The first explanation you'll come across is often one designed for a professional archivist. It makes suggesting reading material pretty hard.
  Until now. I stumbled across Denise May Levenick's How to Archive Family Keepsakes: Learn how to preserve family photos, memorabilia  & genealogy records while preparing for the next class cycle. (We all have to keep up to date!) The guide concisely answers my students' primary questions: how do I decide what to keep and how do I organize what I have. Preservation sections deal with most kinds of material in an easy to follow format. I probably could have skipped the section on organizing your genealogy research, but I know those who have just inherited a family story will love it. Happy research!

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