Friday, June 14, 2013

Follow Friday: Bringing Back Holleywood

   I was blog surfing again... (For those of you who wonder how I find new blogs, my keyword combination has changed a few times - but here's the current model. Find a map of Connecticut and start searching using the a)name of the town b)words genealogy and blog and c) Connecticut. Why do I add Connecticut? Because it turns out that Massachusetts has a lot of the same town names.)... and found a great new site. provides a place for old home restorers to share stories, look for help, and even list their house. I'm falling in love with its story listing, as it turns out, it's a great place to find house history blogs. I'll be sharing a few over the next few weeks, starting with one from Lakeville, CT.
    Bringing Back Holleywood tells the story of two New Yorkers who purchased the 19th century home. The "Welcome" page charts their interest in the property. "House Before" is a photo montage. "Restoration Diary" is a photo journal of the project, day by day, ending in August 2012. Of most interest to genealogists will be the "History" and "Heritage" sections. "History" provides a quick overview of the home, and its connection to the Holley and Rudd families. "Heritage" provides snapshots of the family's life.
   Is the blog fine literature? No. Entries tend to be short, and mostly photos. However, if you love old houses and DYI projects, this is a great read. Please take a look - and share your thoughts.

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