Friday, June 7, 2013

Follow Friday: Sprague Family Research

   So guess what? There's a Sprague Connecticut and a Sprague family. The two may or may not be related... (If someone knows, please tell me. The town's website focuses more on its villages than the town history.)... but as it turns out, some of these Spragues were from CT.
   Sprague Family Research is a surname study blog. How does a surname study blog work? The blogger highlights family members with the same surname. In this case, the surname is Sprague.  Posts cover the background of one branch of the family. Sometimes branches are related. Sometimes not.
   Sprague Family Research hasn't been updated since 2012 but showed a solid foundation. Posts do more than just detail findings. They provide the author's research path. Sometimes they include a critique of previous research; sometimes they make it clear that he started from scratch. It's an interesting view into the Sprague family - and how a surname blog can work.

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