Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tech Tuesday: Teach Me Genealogy

    When I get busy, I tend to neglect my "tech genealogy" - except for one thing. I always read the new blogs list on Geneabloggers.  It's a great way to see what's new in the field, what's out there that you may have missed, etc. My find for this week is a website called Teach Me Genealogy.
     As many of you probably know, I teach beginning genealogy. I love the enjoyment my students get out of their first steps in research... but... someone always has project specific questions that you can't easily answer and keep the attention of the rest of the class. Ancestry.com  and FamilySearch are big ones. That's where Teach Me Genealogy comes in. The "How To" section covers everything from how to export your family tree from Ancestry to how to use Google Maps. Other sections look equally helpful. "Free Printables" includes pedigree charts and more. "Getting Started" starts with the basics - including how to create a family tree folder on your desktop. If you've never done genealogy before or if you're looking for a great website to share with your students, this is definitely a  possibility. It doesn't quite function as a stand-alone site, but it's getting there. I will be recommending it in tandem with other course resources.

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