Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Remember to Check the Town's Website for Record Information

  When you search for a Connecticut vital record, do you start by checking the town's website? This is so basic, I often forget to do it. It seems so easy. You send a request to the town clerk along with twenty dollars. You have your record. But was the record taken in that town? Checking the town website can save you a few steps. Connecticut towns were often formed from other towns. That means your ancestor's record may not be where you think it is. Some Connecticut towns (such as Canton) have made an effort to help. You might as well take advantage!


  1. Bryna, I am looking for a marriage record c 1880 - 1883 that probably took place in the Ansonia/Derby area. Would the town websites be a good resource?

  2. It would probably help with ordering the record. Unfortunately, not every town website contains the history you need. The 1880s are in a gap period - it's too late for the Barbour Collection, but too early for statewide recording. The Connecticut State Library offers a great cheat-sheet that's probably a better place to start: http://www.cslib.org/cttowns.htm. That page indicates that Ansonia was taken from Derby in 1889... which means your record is probably in Derby. (Here's Derby's website: http://electronicvalley.org/derby/govern/Misc/City-TownClerk.htm.) Of course, that would only work if you'd like a full, certified copy. It might be cheaper to start with the Derby Historical Society (http://derbyhistorical.org/).