Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Have you organized your digital photos?

  I'm teaching a class shortly which requires lots of photos to supplement the curriculum. I had the photos, so I thought putting the lecture together would be easy. WRONG! Why? I have tons of photos, but I've never organized them. So I've spent the last few days beginning the process.

Here's the steps I'm using:
1) Go through the appropriate folders on the computer. Delete blurry or unusable photos (I have wayyy too many of people's feet/blurry).
2) Right any photos that are sideways.
This has taken me two days! I'll have to take a break and finish writing my class. 

3) Relabel the folders with dates/locations, instead of the photo download date.
4) Label the photos with names instead of the download date.
5) Make scrapbook, so that I have a physical backup.

I just wish I'd done this years ago, when my memory was better. These photos are almost seven years old!

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