Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sorting Saturday (okay, Sunday): How do you decide what to keep?

 I'm in the midst of a massive paper sorting binge. And I'm gasp throwing things out. I finally reached a decision: christmas letters written by family friends do not belong in my save pile. I have just tons of paper...
   So what are your rules for what to keep?
   These are mine thus far. Please feel free to add your suggestions!

1. Does it directly relate to a family memory? I save menus and brochures from trips/. Grad plan at some point - scapbooking. 
2. Does it directly relate to an ancestor? Is it an article about my ancestor? 
3. Is it otherwise useful?


  1. Bryna, that is a difficult question. In general, if it relates to family I keep it: photo Christmas cards, cards and letters & post cards signed by family members. For my brothers & myself I have baby books that my mother barely filled in, report cards,... If a paper item does not relate to family it is likely to be tossed. Recently I discovered I saved the newspapers from Robert Kennedy's death in 1968. Why did I save those? Yes, it is hard to decide what to keep. I should make myself guidelines as you have.

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