Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Have you organized your digital photos?

  I'm teaching a class shortly which requires lots of photos to supplement the curriculum. I had the photos, so I thought putting the lecture together would be easy. WRONG! Why? I have tons of photos, but I've never organized them. So I've spent the last few days beginning the process.

Here's the steps I'm using:
1) Go through the appropriate folders on the computer. Delete blurry or unusable photos (I have wayyy too many of people's feet/blurry).
2) Right any photos that are sideways.
This has taken me two days! I'll have to take a break and finish writing my class. 

3) Relabel the folders with dates/locations, instead of the photo download date.
4) Label the photos with names instead of the download date.
5) Make scrapbook, so that I have a physical backup.

I just wish I'd done this years ago, when my memory was better. These photos are almost seven years old!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Who Do You Think You Are? episodes available on TLC website

  I've been really frustrated most of the summer. I've been wanting to watch Who Do You Think You Are?, but I don't have great cable and didn't want to install ITunes. An email from Ancestry.com informed me that they've solved the problem for me. Full episodes are available at www.tlc.com/videos. And I love the new format... same material, less jumpy, and it doesn't look like celebrities are doing all the research!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Genealogy Mystery Series

  I know I've been missing for a while, and I apologize. I've been - and am - dealing with some major family stuff. It will take me a long time to get going again, but in the meantime, expect some occasional fun genealogy posts. I'm still finding stuff to read and watch that I want to share with you all!
   My latest find is Sheila Connolly's Buried in a Bog. Like her orchard series, it's a genealogy-based mystery. This time, the series is set in rural Ireland. The main character, an Irish-American, untangles her own family tree while solving a murder. It's a light and fun read. I didn't retain a lot of details, but I did get a good start in Irish history from the book. Definitely worth the time.