Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Ancestry Family Trees

  I've heard all the debate about Ancestry.com trees: they make it too easy to copy bad information, people will add whatever they want, etc. Only rarely do I hear the good comment - that they offer great hints.
  I've been doing some research in a new region lately and had hit a brick wall. I always check Ancestry just in case. I figure that it never hurts... Well, surprise, surprise, a public tree referenced a publication on a family that sounds like it will be a huge help. Since I don't research in this region, I never would have checked that journal. What fantastic luck!
  The longer I research, the more open I become to open-ended searches. I've found graves in other countries than expected - and this time, a set of vital records that wasn't supposed to exist.

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  1. Bryna, I completely agree with you that the hints offered by Ancestry open new doors. Maybe they'll lead somewhere, maybe not, but they give us ideas and connections to others researching the same names. This happened to me in the past few weeks, as well! Glad you pointed out the positives of Ancestry trees.