Thursday, September 11, 2014

Those Places Thursday: House Histories in Middletown

 House histories are becoming increasingly popular in genealogy. Instead of tracing a history of a family, you instead trace the history of a home. When was it built? Who lived there? Did it have any special stories? It's a neat way to give depth to your home's stories.
   If that home is in Middletown, your work just got that much easier. The Middletown Room at Russell Library holds the notes for the architectural survey of Middletown conducted by the historic preservation trust in the early 1970s. The trust didn't survey every home in town - they chose representative examples - but for those they did, they made very good notes. You may find information about the home's original style, the amount of land, who built, and much more.
   I've also used the collection to figure out where a family was living when... and why. In one case, the family built a new home, next door to their old one, when their fortunes improved. The detail was something I would never have found on my own. Just think of it as a variation on title searching!

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